Mood Boosters for Lousy Times

Mood Boosters for Lousy Times

Mood boosters for lousy times are little tricks we can use when passing through some unpleasant patches in life. They are simple and natural methods to implement and follow on daily bases.

When we are upset, angry, sad, or just in a bad mood, the very first thing to do is to distract ourselves with something pleasant and comforting.


Preoccupying our minds with positive thoughts will suppress negativity. We need to concentrate on something we like or need to turn negative mental energy into positive physical energy. What does that mean? How do we do it?

Physical mood boosters for lousy times

  • simple exercise
  • light walking
  • treadmill run
  • yoga
  • dance
  • gardening
  • any kind of physical activity

All of these mood busters for lousy times give us multiple benefits. By burning calories, we burn out our anger, sorrow, bad mood, and any other mental negativity. At the same time, we build stamina and improve cardio. If our age or health conditions don’t allow vigorous exercise, 30 minutes of walking or light gardening could do the trick. Read more about it in the Finding Yourself Again post.

Mental mood boosters for lousy times

Having support from family and friends is crucial for our mental well-being.

Sharing problems with friends can significantly improve our mood. Especially if we meet them in person, have a cup of coffee, and discuss the problem that bothers us. It is healthy to confess to dear ones about issues and concerns that bother us. Support that we get from friends and/or family is important for our overall well-being and probably one of the most significant mood boosters for lousy times.

Read more about it in the Socializing, Family, and Friend’s Support post and Menopause Battling Tactics book.

Writing about subjects that negatively affect our daily life can be very helpful for self-improvement.

That kind of thought expression has been known for ages and it is called journaling. Scribbling about anything that comes to mind on daily bases, can help us realize where the real problem is. Just 20 minutes of writing daily would be sufficient. Writing about daily plans, goals, and achievements helps us focus and brings positive thoughts. Creative writing helps our mood too. Poetry, short stories, novels, and anything else our mind creates. Read more about it in the Writing as a Therapy post.

Meditation is another important step in self-improvement.

It is well known as one of the mood boosters for lousy times. Meditation is an extremely useful technique but requires practice. It’s very beneficial for regaining peace, focus, and tranquility. Meditation can help us redirect negative thoughts into positivity. If you are new to meditation join a meditation class or group, where you can get guidance and support. Read more about self-improvement in the Creating a Healing Place for the Soul post.

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