Socializing family and friends

Socializing, Family, and Friend’s Support

Socializing, Family, and Friend’s Support post will address this very important aspect of our life. Nowadays, when we all tend to spend the majority of our free time on social networks, the importance of human interaction is diminishing. That unfortunate fact is affecting our minds, turning a real-life into artificial reality. We are not aware yet of what kind of consequences that lifestyle might bring us in the future. It is something that should be addressed as soon as possible if we want to continue our lives without serious mental health issues. I cannot stress enough how precious our friends and relatives are in our everyday battle for normalcy and happiness. Human interaction is irreplaceable.

Spending time with positive people helps us get into a positive mood.

Just 1-hour of talking with a genuine, honest friend can spare us a visit to an expensive counselor. We can share our daily doubts and worries with friends but for more serious issues, we should contact a healthcare professional.  I believe that we all have at least one of those, rare but precious friends who are always available to listen and help. Talk to that friend about everything that bothers you. Pour your heart out to a person that listens and encourages you. Share your problems and you will feel better. It is as simple as that. It works and it is real. Not virtual. Express your emotions with real smiles, tears, happiness, or concerns. It preserves your sanity

Keeping our worries and frustrations to ourselves can badly affect our health.

There is a saying – Healthy mind, healthy body. We all know how much truth is in it. If our mind suffers -our body feels it too. Reach out to your close friends and tell them your worries. Get out and see them for a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or just for a simple conversation. It could create instant relief.

I cannot stress enough how precious our friends and relatives are in our everyday battle for normalcy and happiness. The energy that we exchange with our loved ones is precious. Do yourself a favor and dedicate time to meeting people close to your heart.

Remember, nothing can beat human interaction.

If our dear people are not easily reached, we can try something else to socialize. For example, joining different meeting groups that match our interests will help us too. If we like hiking, yoga, reading, dancing, writing, paragliding, or anything else we enjoy doing, we should join that particular group. Just do anything that brings joy and positivity and there won’t be any regrets. Read more about it in Mood Boosters for Lousy Times post.

Being close to a positive and happy person will influence our minds to resonate with the same energy.

We should try to avoid negative people if possible. Especially people that are jealous, envious, and bitter. They spread negative energy, and that might make us feel worse. It is okay to exchange problems with friends and show support for them, but we should do it for them exclusively. That way, by exchanging problems we realize that we are not the only one whose life is not perfect. Do good and demand good back from life. Read more about positivity and self-help in the Finding Yourself Again post.

Socializing, Family, and Friend’s Support should not be neglected in our everyday life.

We all need a caring hand and human touch, no matter how old we are. Never hesitate to call your loved ones if you are not feeling well or need any kind of help. The connection between us is a healer on its own.


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