Finding Yourself Again

Finding Yourself Again

Finding yourself again after a traumatic event in life can often be a challenging task. Any kind of trauma can leave a scar on our minds. And our mind might respond accordingly by creating body issues. We can lose or gain weight, we can feel tired and broken, or hyper and restless. These body problems will get back to the mind and possibly result in insomnia, anxiety, or depression. And that is a prime example of a vicious circle. To break that circle, we need a lot of mental strength, which in most cases, in such situations can be a problem too.

So, how do we tackle all that chaos?

It depends on the kind of problem we deal with. Some cases need professional help and should be treated seriously. And sometimes, we can deal with the situation on our own. Hopefully the Finding yourself again post will help in your search.

Finding yourself again can be a long way back home.

If we are on our own, that could be a bumpy road. If we have a company and supporting hand, that road can be easier to walk on. Friends, relatives, and loved ones can always be a great support.

The very first thing we should do is to rethink and regroup.

Understanding where the problem is and how we need to deal with it are two important steps in the process of finding yourself again. Then we need to face it and break it down.

The second thing to do that should help in finding yourself again is to distract yourself.

We all know the situation when the baby starts crying, and the mother quickly gives it a rattle. In most cases, the baby stops crying because it is distracted by the rattling sound. That is precisely what we need to do. Distract ourselves with something pleasant that occupies our attention.
There are many different ways we could use to redirect our negative thoughts. Here is the list of some of them.




New interests

Socializing is one of the most important steps in finding yourself again.

Meeting friends and relatives and sharing your problem with them is the first step we should take. Remember, nothing can beat human interaction. Forget about social media and find time to meet with loved ones. If friends are far away or can’t be reached in person, we can always join some “Meet up groups” to exchange problems. That can be therapeutic too. Read more about it in Socializing, Family, and Friend’s Support.

Travel can cure many issues.

It distracts us from our problems, brings excitement, and gives us new perspectives and experiences. Sometimes, changing the everyday scenery can do a healing trick and help us understand ourselves better. Visiting new places gives us new hope.
Read more about travel in Travel and Its Therapeutic Effect post.

Hobbies, as well, can help our way back to happiness.

New ones or old hobbies are something we enjoy doing. Whether active or passive, any kind of hobby helps us get into a better mood and gives us a feeling of contentment. It is up to us to choose what we enjoy doing, what satisfies us, and again – the most important part of this journey – what distracts us from the real issue.

A new interest in life brings us new joy.

Finding something new we enjoy doing is a huge step toward finding ourselves again. Sometimes, we have to get rid of the old to let new, better things into our lives. Don’t be afraid to let go. That should be the main key to unlocking new happiness. We need to stop clinging to a situation that caused us pain and find something brand new that brings us joy. Read more in Mood Boosters for Lousy Times post.

Following these steps can help us overcome difficult situations and feel better.

Our motivation plays the biggest role. Never lose hope and happiness will come back. A new day brings new hope and plenty of opportunities to work on self-improvement. You can do it!

Sometimes, finding yourself again will be easier than we anticipate.


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