About Healing Your Life Blog

About Healing Your Life Blog

About Healing Your Life Blog

When I decided to create the Healing Your Life blog, I never imagined that the page – About me – would be the most difficult one to write.

What should I say about myself without sounding pretentious?
Maybe to say that I am straightforward, straight to the point, and do not beat around the bush? Am I capable of painting a realistic picture of myself?

About Healing Your Life Blog Author

Let’s try by saying that I belong to Generation X, was born in the mid-’60s, and had a wild time in the 80s. I left my native country mid 90’s, after the Civil War ended, to chase my dreams.

Lived in four different countries on two continents, I speak four foreign languages, and love all the wonderful people, no matter what color, religion, or sexual orientation they are. I am always happy to offer a helping hand to anyone who needs it.

My travels taught me a lot, and thanks to that, I can say that I am a very rich person. Not money-rich but experience-rich. That is my treasure.
I might not see myself objectively, but I know, for sure, that I can see my life pretty realistically.
Does that description do me justice? Would anyone care to read any of my posts? I don’t know, but it is up to you, my readers, to decide.


The “Healing Your Life Blog” was born the moment when I realized that I could and should share my experience with people who need some support and guidance.

“I fought many battles. Some of them I had won, and some of them I had lost but proved that old saying:
What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.
So here I am, a bit bruised but still standing tall and willing to share my experience with you.” – citation from my book – The Menopause Battling Tactics – published on Amazon.



In this blog, under the Mind and Body Healing section, I am sharing my way out of the difficult paths I went through.
I am also writing about beautiful places to travel and delicious healthy food in Healthy Living and Recipes. As a Certified Nutritionist, I advocate healthy eating and lifestyle. If you need to lose some weight and need some guidance with it, we will be happy to create a customized healthy diet for you.



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