Life and Health Coaching

Life and Health Coaching

Life and Health Coaching is offered by a Certified Nutritionist and Life Coach, the author of the Healing Your Life Blog.

The areas of expertise are 

Personal Development


Midlife Crisis

Menopause Issues

Weight and Body Image Issues

Diet and Nutrition

Menopause Weight Control and Diet



  • Better relationship understanding
  • Create a way to reach personal goals
  • Develop a happier and more fulfilling life
  • Respect and love ourselves and our loved ones
  • Assess our expectations and challenges
  • Create a plan to overcome problems and stick to it
  • Create healthy and productive daily routines
  • Enforce our character strengths


Life and Health CoachingBillie Anna, the author of this blog offers the first session of 30 minutes free of charge.

She is a Certified Nutritionist and a Life coach, dedicating her time to helping people and animals in need.


Originally a Tourism and Hospitality graduate, she traveled extensively, exploring different countries and their cultures, customs, and languages.

This is what she says about it – “Travel taught me a lot”.

I have learned that we are all the same, no matter where we are from, no matter what language we speak, what skin color we are, or what our sexual orientation is.

We all have the same worries and the same joys, and we react to them in the same manner. The only way I classify people is that some of us are good people, and some of us are not so good. And that is the whole truth.”

Promoting healthy eating and a natural health approach is her big passion.

She is also the author of  The Menopause Battling Tactics book and the Menopause Battling Journal, published on Amazon.

Life and Health Coaching sessions are 60 minutes long and are conducted online.

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Life and Health Coaching is here for you


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