The Menopause Battling Tactics

The Menopause Battling Tactics

The Menopause Battling Tactics book is an easy-to-follow guide that helps women to find relief during this life-changing period. 

The book was written with the intent to support any woman going through menopause. It describes my own experience, struggles, errors, desperation, and hopes, as well as the final victory over it.

The Menopause Battling Tactics book teaches women how to overcome obstacles in everyday life in the 8 easy steps to follow. It addresses mental and physical well-being, promoting only natural ways to combat many menopausal symptoms.

As a Certified Nutritionist and a Certified Life Coach, I would only recommend organic diets and non-aggressive ways to tackle issues caused by menopause. 

The book is a light-read, positive, and easy to follow.


The Menopause Battling Tactics


Combined with some self-targeted humor, The Menopause Battling Tactics will cheer you up and improve your mood.

It is not a scientific encyclopedia, and it does not go into a detailed medical explanation of why all these changes are happening to us. It does not promote any medications or medical therapies but the book describes my journey through menopause, the Hell of hot flashes, weight gain, and mood swings, and how I managed to overcome them. 

The Menopause Battling Tactics book also has some healthy recipes that can help with menopausal issues and are easy to prepare.

Most of them are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and some of them are gluten-free as well. This book overall suggests tactics, ways, and tips to reverse negative symptoms and situations into positive and acceptable everyday events.


The 8 simple steps to battle menopause are divided into 8 chapters:

  • Chapter 2 – The Importance of Vitamins and Antioxidants in Menopause
  • Chapter 3 – The Hot Flashes from Hell
  • Chapter 4 – Diets and Daily Schedule Recommendation
  • Chapter 5 – The Importance of Water, Herbal Tea, and Fresh Fruit Juice
  • Chapter 6 – Exercise and Physical Activity during Menopause
  • Chapter 7 – The Importance of Sleep
  • Chapter 8 – Socializing, family, and friends support
  •  Chapter 9 – Finding yourself again – Hobbies, Pets, and Travel

It will certainly start showing results of improvement as soon as 2 to 3 weeks if you follow the 8 recommended steps. You will feel better, mentally and physically, your sleep pattern will improve, your weight scale will start showing less weight, the hot flashes will ease down, and your mood swings will lessen. 

The Menopause Battling Tactics book has its little companion – The Menopause Battling Journal.

The Menopause Battling Journal


It keeps track of mood swings, hot flashes, sleep problems, nutrition, and weight issues. Easy to record everything that goes on, on daily bases. Read more about the importance of writing and journaling in the Writing as a Therapy post.


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The Menopause Battling Tactics can be purchased on Amazon.


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