Creating a Healing Place for the Soul

Creating a Healing Place for the Soul

Creating a Healing Place for the Soul – have you ever thought about doing it? If not – we are just about to help you create that wonderful place. Creating a healing place for the soul is an easy but necessary step in the self-healing process. Because the soul is something most precious we have. It is ours. It does not belong to anybody else, just to us. We need to nurture it.

The healing place for the soul is where we go when our soul hurts.

The place where we take the soul when it needs to recover. It could be a mental picture in our mind or a room in our house, where we spend time with our soul. That is the place where we can hide from problems, loss, pain, and where we don’t let anything negative thoughts bother us. It is a place where we are happy, relaxed, and rejuvenated and it is strictly dedicated to the soul. 

We can create a few of these places for different purposes.

  • Place where you go when you hurt.
  • Place where you go when you are scared.
  • Place where you go when you feel down.
  • Or create just one place for all purposes where you feel at peace.

It’s your pick. However, you feel about it. Create it just for yourself and do not let anybody in. Don’t let in anybody or anything that would distract you. Leave all the negativity outside of your soul healing place. Because that is a place where you are happy, safe, and content. The place where you feel loved and appreciated.  

I have created three different healing places for my soul.

  • Acacia orchard
  • Sunflower fields
  • Seaside house

Acacia orchard and sunflower fields are both connected to my childhood and teenage years. The seaside house belongs to my present and future. All three of these healing places have different purposes.

Acacia orchard connects me to my early adulthood. That place does not exist in reality any longer. People who owned the orchard had sold it to somebody else to build a family house on that plot. But that orchard is still in my mind. I still remember the smell of the sweet acacia fragrance and can feel the happiness of the first kiss ever. That is the place of genuine and innocent love that feeds and heals my soul.

I go to the Acacia orchard whenever I need extra strength to overcome a challenging situation.

The sunflower fields represent my childhood. My hometown is surrounded by fields of wheat, corn, and sunflowers. The outburst of vivid yellow, brown, and green colors stretches out for miles to hug and kiss the horizon. These fields are my happiness, security, and unconditional love. I take my soul over there whenever it needs pampering. We walk together through the Pannonian flatland, enjoying the fresh breeze of a soothing Summer morning. Everything is calm, relaxed, and tranquil.

The sunflower fields stand for childhood security and protection.

And my third place for soul healing is a seaside house. It is the one that I use before falling asleep – a gorgeous house with a stunning sea view. The seaside house blocks all negative thoughts or events that eventually happened during that day. 

Some days, looking out the window, the sea is calm and inviting, and the seagulls in the air playfully chase each other. Colorful flowers in the garden, admirably looking into the blue, cloudless sky. Everything about that place is just pure happiness and bliss. The soul is happy and content, slowly drifting to sleep.

On some other days, the sky is stormy and gray. Low-floating clouds carry lightning bolts within them, and heavy raindrops slip into the sea. But the seaside house is safe and warm, while the fireplace flames light up a cozy, cushioned room. The soul feels secure, knowing the storm is outside and it can’t cause any harm.

The seaside house is a daily healing place for the soul.

All three of these places were created with the intention to heal and help cope with different life events. It is important to say that we can create as many healing places as we need to. The main point is to choose a soothing, relaxing, and secure place for it – either in our memory or in our imagination. The soul would sure appreciate such a place.

Creating a Healing Place for the Soul is an easy but important step in self-healing, and everybody should give it a try. 


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  1. Love this idea of finding your healing places for your soul! So important to know there are areas or even people we can turn to in order to feel our souls is able to rest, recuperate and blossom. Thank you for sharing!

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